Aircommand Ibis provides cool quiet airconditioning for your RV Air conditioning designed for caravans and motorhomes Aircommand Ibis provides cool quiet airconditioning for your RV

Aircommand Support

The following links will answer most questions about support for your Aircommand air conditioner or refrigerator, however if after reviewing these pages you still require assistance please contact our Customer Service Department preferably by completing the Customer Support Form.

Frequently Asked Questions: This is the first place to look if you are having problems with your air conditioner.

Warranty Procedures: Find out how to get your product quickly repaired if it is still under warranty.

Knowledge Base: Our online knowledgebase contains significant technical information to assist technicians to quickly resolve any problem with an Aircommand product.

Service Technicians: If your product is not under warranty you will most likely need the assistance of a refrigeration technician. These can be found under Refrigeration in the yellow pages. For your convenience we have included a list/map of technicians we have used in the past. We are not recommending any of these companies rather the list is provided as a starting point for you to choose a suitable company

Spare Part Lists: This section has lists of the spare parts for each Aircommand model. In most case there will be an exploded diagram to enable quick and easy identification of the part required.

Online Product Registration: Save time by registering your Aircommand product online.