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Product FeaturesProduct Specifications

Heron 2.2 Split System Air Conditioner

The Heron 2.2 is a compact, efficient split system air conditioner that allows great flexibility of installation.

It is composed of an evaporator (air handler) which is installed in a cupboard or overhead locker and a separate condenser that is usually fitted under a bed.

The Air handler fascias are available in brilliant white or sparkling silver, to complement the interior colour scheme of your RV.

The Heron 2.2 is:

  • Ideally suited for the single axle sized pop top caravans and similar sized motorhomes etc
  • supplied with a low profile condenser that can normally be fitted under beds and seats without increasing height
  • able to give year round comfort with its ventilating, cooling and heating modes
  • provides a heater element style warmth. This means quieter running noise and the ability to run in freezing ambient temperatures without any need to de-ice frozen coils
  • fitted with easy to use controls.

Download a Heron brochure.

Heron 2.2 Split System Air Conditioner

Electrical rating: 240V,50hz
Nominal cooling capacity: 2.2kw
Nominal heating capacity: 1.5kw
Maximum rated current, cooling: 4.0A
Maximum rated current, heating: 6.5A
Locked rotor current: 18A
Inside Air Delivery, Maximum: 110l/s
Installed Weight: 36kg
Condensor Height: 245mm
Condensor Width: 462mm
condensor Depth: 450mm
Air Handler Height: 240mm
Air Handler Width: 380mm
Air Handler Depth: 250mm


Minimum cupboard dimensions required 490mm Wide x 290mm High x 310mm Deep

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