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New release - Atwood 240v/Gas storage HWS


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of the new Atwood Gas/240v storage Hot Water System. This unit is 22.7 litres in capacity, it runs from either gas with 12v ignition or with a 240v element or both for quicker recovery.


The Atwood HWS has many outstanding features some of which include an Aluminium tank with Zinc lining tank which is approximately 50% less weight than the heavy steel tanks of other units. This also has the added advantage of no anode rod changes, potentially saving the customer $100’s over the HWS’s life.


The Atwood storage unit has a unique super efficient gas burner design which allows for more transference of heat providing more hot water, more efficiently. This means it also has a much quicker recovery rate, ensuring more hot water when you want it.


The unit is easy to install and has all the operating switches on a plate inside the RV. 98% of all serviceable parts are accessible through the side opening hatch making future servicing very easy. It also has an “Incalloy” heating element that won’t burn out when turned on dry like the copper elements in other units.


Like all Aircommand products it is the best in its class benefits providing benefits for the installer through quicker, easier installation process and to the end user with a more efficient and superior operation.


So when you purchase your next caravan or have the need to replace your existing unit, Ask for Atwood