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Sandpiper ducted unit released by Aircommand


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of a compact built-in ducted reverse cycle air conditioner to complement the range of Aircommand products currently available. This model is ideal for any small van, from a camper trailer through to pop-tops and small caravans to provide spot cooling for specific areas.


The Sandpiper allows the user to have 3 separate duct points, providing “spot” cooling for maximum comfort all around the van. Like all Aircommand reverse cycle air conditioners it has electronic defrost function to allow operation in temperatures below 0 degrees.


The Sandpiper provides 2.2kw of cooling capacity and 1.8kw of heating capacity and is lightweight at only 29kg. The design of the unit allows for installation on the side of the van (under seat, cupboard etc) and can also be installed in the middle of the van (under bed etc).


The ergonomic handles and incorporated grilles allow for extremely quick and easy installation. It also has an incorporated seal to prevent water ingress without having to cut any extra holes or install extra spigots.


New stylish remote control and innovative LCD touch screen control panel are easy to operate and the multi speed inside and outside fans provide increased efficiency whilst maintaining the low operating noise renowned from Aircommand products.