Aircommand Ibis provides cool quiet airconditioning for your RV Aircommand Ibis provides cool quiet airconditioning for your RV Aircommand built for the Australian Outback

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Ibis 3 released by Aircommand - The best is now even better!


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of their new low profile roof top reverse cycle air conditioner to complement the range of Aircommand products currently available. This model is an upgrade to the very popular Ibis model and will be known as the Ibis 3. 


The Ibis 3 has many outstanding features some of which include an increase in cooling capacity at 3.1kw but more significantly a 50% increase in actual air flow allowing a faster, more uniform temperature control in your van.


While the current Ibis is renowned for its low operating noise the Ibis 3’s noise has been dramatically reduced by 8 dB(A) on high fan. Noise of air conditioners is always a hot topic amongst caravanners, with this in mind Aircommand have developed this unit to be significantly quieter than previous models.


The inside plenum has been upgraded as well and features a 4 way air directional plenum which all four louvers can be closed independently allowing the user to control the air flow direction within the van. This stylish new plenum is also less than half the height at 32mm. The air distribution provides virtual ducting within the van as described by Bruce Henshall, Aircommand’s Project Co-Ordinator“ The ibis 3 shoots air 5-6 m along the ceiling down the long axis of the caravan. The air stream passes through the narrow companion way and you can feel air circulation in what would normally be a hard to air condition ‘dead end’ bedroom”


The Ibis 3 comes with all the other standard features you would expect from Aircommand including remote control, sleep mode, timer mode, dehumidifying model and electronic defrost to allow operation in temperatures below 0 degs.


The unit will be available for install into new vans from approx mid June 2014.