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Latest News from Aircommand

Aircommand has been recently acquired by Dometic Group.


Dometic Australia will continue to stock the full range of Aircommand products and selected Atwood products.

About Dometic Group
Dometic Group is an innovator and trendsetter for people enjoying a comfortable, mobile lifestyle. We serve the market with a complete range of air conditioners, refrigerators, awnings, cookers, sanitation, portable coolers, lighting, mobile power equipment, windows, doors, minibars, safes and other products that make life away from home more comfortable. Read more about Dometic...

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New release - Atwood 240v/Gas storage HWS


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of the new Atwood Gas/240v storage Hot Water System. This unit is 22.7 litres in capacity, it runs from either gas with 12v ignition or with a 240v element or both for quicker recovery.


The Atwood HWS has many outstanding features some of which include an Aluminium tank with Zinc lining tank which is approximately 50% less weight than the heavy steel tanks of other units. This also has the added advantage of no anode rod changes, potentially saving the customer $100’s over the HWS’s life.


The Atwood storage unit has a unique super efficient gas burner design which allows for more transference of heat providing more hot water, more efficiently. This means it also has a much quicker recovery rate, ensuring more hot water when you want it.


The unit is easy to install and has all the operating switches on a plate inside the RV. 98% of all serviceable parts are accessible through the side opening hatch making future servicing very easy. It also has an “Incalloy” heating element that won’t burn out when turned on dry like the copper elements in other units.


Like all Aircommand products it is the best in its class benefits providing benefits for the installer through quicker, easier installation process and to the end user with a more efficient and superior operation.


So when you purchase your next caravan or have the need to replace your existing unit, Ask for Atwood

Ibis 3 released by Aircommand - The best is now even better!


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of their new low profile roof top reverse cycle air conditioner to complement the range of Aircommand products currently available. This model is an upgrade to the very popular Ibis model and will be known as the Ibis 3. 


The Ibis 3 has many outstanding features some of which include an increase in cooling capacity at 3.1kw but more significantly a 50% increase in actual air flow allowing a faster, more uniform temperature control in your van.


While the current Ibis is renowned for its low operating noise the Ibis 3’s noise has been dramatically reduced by 8 dB(A) on high fan. Noise of air conditioners is always a hot topic amongst caravanners, with this in mind Aircommand have developed this unit to be significantly quieter than previous models.


The inside plenum has been upgraded as well and features a 4 way air directional plenum which all four louvers can be closed independently allowing the user to control the air flow direction within the van. This stylish new plenum is also less than half the height at 32mm. The air distribution provides virtual ducting within the van as described by Bruce Henshall, Aircommand’s Project Co-Ordinator“ The ibis 3 shoots air 5-6 m along the ceiling down the long axis of the caravan. The air stream passes through the narrow companion way and you can feel air circulation in what would normally be a hard to air condition ‘dead end’ bedroom”


The Ibis 3 comes with all the other standard features you would expect from Aircommand including remote control, sleep mode, timer mode, dehumidifying model and electronic defrost to allow operation in temperatures below 0 degs.


The unit will be available for install into new vans from approx mid June 2014.

Sandpiper ducted unit released by Aircommand


Aircommand Australia is pleased to announce the release of a compact built-in ducted reverse cycle air conditioner to complement the range of Aircommand products currently available. This model is ideal for any small van, from a camper trailer through to pop-tops and small caravans to provide spot cooling for specific areas.


The Sandpiper allows the user to have 3 separate duct points, providing “spot” cooling for maximum comfort all around the van. Like all Aircommand reverse cycle air conditioners it has electronic defrost function to allow operation in temperatures below 0 degrees.


The Sandpiper provides 2.2kw of cooling capacity and 1.8kw of heating capacity and is lightweight at only 29kg. The design of the unit allows for installation on the side of the van (under seat, cupboard etc) and can also be installed in the middle of the van (under bed etc).


The ergonomic handles and incorporated grilles allow for extremely quick and easy installation. It also has an incorporated seal to prevent water ingress without having to cut any extra holes or install extra spigots.


New stylish remote control and innovative LCD touch screen control panel are easy to operate and the multi speed inside and outside fans provide increased efficiency whilst maintaining the low operating noise renowned from Aircommand products.

QLD Caravan & Camping Show


The 2014 QLD Caravan & Camping Show will be held at the Brisbane Showgrounds from Wednesday 4th to Tuesday 10th June. The show is open from 10am to 6pm except for the last day when the show will close at 4pm. Aircommand will be located in the upper floor of Building 14. Come and see the new Ibis 3 on display!

NSW Caravan, Camping RV and Holiday Supershow


The NSW Caravan, Camping RV and Holiday Supershow will run between April 26 and May 4 at the Rosehill Racecourse. The show is open between 10am and 5pm each day except for Sunday 4 May when the show will close at 4pm

Aircommand will be located at site 273 on level 2 (ground floor) of the J.R Fleming Stand. We are opposite the train station gates just inside the doors on the left.

SA Caravan & Camping Show


The 2014 SA Caravan & Camping Show is on at the Royal Adelaide Showground from February 19 to 23. Aircommand will be located at stand D1 & D2 in the Duncan Pavilion which is just inside the doors from the food court. We will have all our air-conditioning units on display and our sales team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Condensation inside your van


All Aircommand products (with the exception of the Heron 2.2) are reverse cycle heat pump air conditioners providing unparalleled cooling and the most efficient form of heating.

Due to the heat output of our units and humid conditions inside some RV’s condensation can form on the inside of some vans. The more humid the air is the more water it contains

Condensation occurs when there is an excess of hot, moist air inside your RV. The moist air condenses into its liquid state if it comes in contact with cold surfaces such as windows or other uninsulated surfaces.

Condensation will occur when a cold surface is exposed to humid air. The higher the relative humidity inside the van then the smaller temperature difference will be required to form condensate.

For example if the air inside your caravan is at 25°C and 50% relative humidity and the inside of your window is 11 degrees cooler at 14°C then the conditions are right for condensate to form. If the humidity is higher, say 70% then the surface will only need to be 6 degrees cooler at 19°C.

Humidity is increased by everyday activities such as cooking, showering and even just breathing

The best way to reduce condensation build up in your van whilst using the reverse cycle heating is to ensure your van is well insulated and your windows have adequate heavy draped curtains to provide an insulating layer of air.

If you have any questions in relation to the optimal operation of your air conditioner please contact Aircommand direct on 08 8345 8444.

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